Hawaii Health Insurance site to go to Forum Format?

Okay there are many of you that want to get their voice out.. Should we take Hawaii Health Insurance 4 U to a forum type format? or should we leave it as a blog orrrrr maybe a hybrid of both.. Either way, i believe a face-lift is in order. I really do want this site to be as helpful and interactive as possible, cause looks like more and more Hawaii Health insurance options are getting cut, sliced chopped and dropped.  Let me know what you guys think!   Email 808pros@gmail.com

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2 Responses to “Hawaii Health Insurance site to go to Forum Format?”

  1. rockwichu Says:

    I agree you need a facelift.Forum format woould be great.Interactive would be great.I will say that your site does get reviewed by many QUEST workers.My worker told me about the site & thats how I got looking by typing in medquest.since your post about them,I am sure it created a stir.I would love to hear about other insurance topics you have posted & be able to type in forum style.Good luck with that.

  2. healthinsurance4u Says:

    okay well one thing i can do very simply is allow those who want to comment to be members by just being logged in to facebook.. But there are hundreds of users registered.. but only a few who get their voice out.. SO I believe that you are correct rochwichu.. that Forum type site is definitely needed.. I will make you a moderator there too! make sure this site will accomplish the goal, of making it a better place for Hawaii Health Insurance for all. whether it is a gripe a suggestion or rebuttal all should be heard… i just have to figure out how to do that in an economical and non-time consuming fashion, without losing the valuable content and usership that has already been added.

    Happy New Year.