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Read recent articles about Hawaii Health Insurance topics in plain language in the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Go to Honolulu Star Bulletin and search: Health Insurance. You’ll get all the recent topics of Hawaii Insurance. Statement from the “Neigbor Isles have lower rate of health insurance:”Eyerly said the department has been hiring more outreach workers statewide to let people know about the state’s Med-Quest program since 2004″

Ah. I think they better check that statements. Doesnt seem fitting if the workers are providing shotty services.

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  1. healthinsurance4u Says:

    Hey i tried to clean up your Hyperlink, but it didn’t work even after i cleaned it up.. may want to relink the source.

  2. rockwichu Says:

    Honolulu Advertiser Pub. 12/10/2008 issue about the Hawaii QEXA program.Still in troubled waters.The plan sounds like a good model but there must be something that isnt disclosed to the public if many Providers are refusing to sign up with the (2)plans.This is our most vulnerable population who seek medical attention the most.If Medicaid recipients are forced to select a plan either way and their provider is not with either plan,how will services be paid?This is a great impact to our aged,blind & disabled community.I believe Kaiser Hospital will not be participating with this QEXA model and I think they been slowly streaming out these individuals due to low Medicaid reimbursements or late payments.I believe there was a public hearing at the capital on 12/9/08 which had many questions unanswered.What do you think?

  3. rockwichu Says:

    The new QUEST Expanded Access Program (QEXA).Administered by the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services, MedQUEST Division.
    The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC)has not yet contracted with the two new health plans:Evercare & Ohana.Beginning 12/5/08 individuals who have not selected plans will be auto enrolled in one of the two plans.Coverage commences on 2/1/09, patients have until 4/30/09 to change plans.WCCHC will determine by this date the plan it will sign with.If they decline to participate WCCHC will continue to see patients who have original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Health plan.If patients do not have either, patients will need to choose a new doctor.WCCHC is not convinced that patients will receive improved quality & type of services over the current program.Many questions from the community and health care providers remain unanswered. The state legislature hearing at the capital was held on 12/9/08,details of that hearing have not been released.Further questions regarding the program, call 1-866-928-1959 and speak with an Enrollment Center.

  4. rockwichu Says:

    The new controversial Medical Program in Hawaii is officially on track eff.2/1/09. The QEXA managed care plan for aged,blind & disabled individuals.Not all hospitals have signed up with Ohana & Evercare.No local phone numbers exist for questions,call an 800 number.Hmm……what is your take on the program?