HOT TOPIC: Best / Worst Hawaii Primary Care Physician

Best or worst Primary Care Physician and Why?

Okay so here is a question that sounds like it is a Hawaii Med-Quest related, but it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t have a PCP, then just share your best (or worst) experience with a general practitioner.

Okay so Im going to start into this topic by saying that although I currently have a Primary Care Physician, I am not totally happy with who I have. This has nothing to do with his skill as a doctor I would say, but more to do with his tact. I tend to feel like any problem I have is irrelavent or not important and I can almost feel him saying, “Next” as I leave his office. Im definitely not going to name him, but he is not as personable as I think a doctor should be. Putting this into another scenario, if I were buying a car and he were a car salesmen… he probably would lose the sale right away.

I am currently a member of Straub and I would like to mention an eye specialist there that i think is the perfect doctor!!! He has all the personality and friendliness you would expect and is very skilled at his craft (from what i know anyway). Dr. Kenneth Lee from Straub in Honolulu has my vote as one of the best, however this doesn’t solve my problem of having a great general practioner that i can tell things to and feel comfortable around.

Anyone feel the pain? Anyone have High Praise for a doctor or a specialist for that matter?

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3 Responses to “HOT TOPIC: Best / Worst Hawaii Primary Care Physician”

  1. rockwichu Says:

    You sure must have some list of high standards.However,all my physicians are Straub doctors and I love them all and get the personable care I need.Now Medquest is a whole other story.The quest plan doctors I think are okay,but if your talking about just getting into the plan & qualifying okay thats totally different.I know of someone who went to see a Dental doctor & they booked his appt. around 11am.He sat in the dental chair for 1hr while the entire staff went to lunch.The Dental doctor came into the office and saw him in the chair and asked him,where did everyone go? Ah.duh.lunch.He couldnt believe it.He never went back there again.The Dental doctor came to work in board shorts and slipper.Wont say what part of the island,but Im sure you will guess super easy.

  2. healthinsurance4u Says:

    My standards aren’t really that high. I am very talkative and easy to talk to. But sometimes going to the doctor is like going on a date with an introvert. No matter what you do or say to break the ice and get you to relax and be comfortable, it just doesn’t work. I just don’t like feeling like another number. Herded in and out of the office like cattle. I repeat HE IS NOT A BAD DOCTOR, just prefer someone a bit more personable.

  3. rockwichu Says:

    Not sure where to post this as it doesnt relate to doctors.but if you dont have medical n see the hospital or clinics they have many social workers who assist in applying for quest in their financial offices.one good company i have dealt with.scott gardner & company.their employees are very nice karen and lorena.there is another one too,outreach svcs at most of the hospitals but they dont seem so one on one.both agencies have their own sites.if your looking for nursing home help or community living help,kaiser is a great advocate for their elder peoples.good luck.