Free Hawaii Medicare Presentation on 11/13/08 in Ewa

There will be a free Hawaii Medicare presentation at the Ewa Beach Public Library at 10:30. Presenting there will be a representative from the Department of Health’s Executive Office on Aging.

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2 Responses to “Free Hawaii Medicare Presentation on 11/13/08 in Ewa”

  1. rockwichu Says:

    Hey,can you add a category about Prescription Plans? I had a nightmare searching the plans and selecting and enrolling for my inlaws.How does congress expect these aged,disabled population be able to manage this each year.They have government offices and counselors to help you research & enroll,but just getting a hold of them,is totally time consuming.My inlaws do not know anything about a computer,so searching on their own that route was out of the question.Not many elderly have family to assist,so it must be difficult for those individuals.I would like to see if others have had the same problems.

  2. healthinsurance4u Says:

    Hey, I have created that category for you. Hawaii Prescription Plans. I have also made you an author on this website. Login and you can post to any Hawaii Health Insurance category you wish. Be careful with your content, as it seems even an acronym like WTF gets scrutinized heavily. Have fun and i look forward to reading your postings! Aloha!