Hawaii Med Quest Case Workers

My son has Hawaii Medquest Health insurance and HMSA as his carrier, and I had an issue, well actually i STILL have an issue that has spanned for about 10 months.  In that time I have gone through about 5 or 6 Medquest case workers.  The state of Hawaii health insurance system is messed up.  I hate repeating my business and situation to every person and it just becomes tiring and frustrating.

Anybody feel my pain?

Here’s an update.. Problem still unresolved from MID 2007!!!. Im getting pretty upset. My blog has now become visible on the search engines and I am going to mention all my case workers in the blog from now on.

The Last one that i can remember is Ms. Choi. I don’t know why they go by their last name only like school teachers, but they do. Anyway I got Ms. Choi’s number from the main line and Left 4 messages for her. This was in March I believe. She calls me back a 10 days after my first call and leaves me a voicemail telling me that she is not my case worker and gives me the number of Ms. Lakuna. Ms. Lakuna never answers her phone and her voicemail is always full. It took me a good 10 days again to get a first response. When i do, she too tells me that Im not her case worker but will help me get my case resolved. So i give her a whole bunch of info, call some numbers get things verified. This whole process goes on for awhile but then 3 weeks into helping me she calls me, and says “Ive been trying but this is taking up too much of my time. Im going to give you the number of your case worker, Ms. Poliken” Are you kidding me????? Okay so it’s been 2 weeks, ive called Ms. Poliken 3 times, but only left a message once. This is sooo stupid. Ill keep you posted on how many more workers i get tossed around to.

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  1. Mllacuna Says:

    NEXT TIME why don’t you take your concerns to the administrator of the MED-Quest Division instead of bashing the hardworking caseworkers of the MED-Quest office who don’t ever get a chance to say their side of the story. You don’t know how much work the workers have here and atleast MS. LLacuna tried to help you!!! ONE MORE THING…MS. LLACUNA DOES ANSWER HER PHONE and her voicemail isn’t ALWAYS FULL!!! ONCE AGAIN, Thanks for bashing the hard working workers who are only trying to do their best!!! If you think you can do a better job… BE MY GUEST!!!

  2. likolehua2003 Says:

    I’m really sorry that you are having such a negative experience over at MedQuest. I have not had any problems there so far. The workers in which I dealt with have only been helpful to me and my family. I think it totally depends on the worker you have. The only thing I can say is that my caseworker has changed several times in the span of a year! I can’t imagine it being an easy place to work what with all the people in the economy losing their jobs and needing medical coverage for their children and selves. The amount of work must be mind boggling for one worker to handle. Still that doesn’t excuse the poor service in which you received. Good Luck in your future dealings and I hope everything works out okay for you!

  3. healthinsurance4u Says:

    In Response to Mllacuna: Everyone is entitled to their point of view, and I appreciate your feedback. However, I never said that i wanted to work there. And sorry, maybe these workers have it bad, i don’t really know. All i know is that the way my case was handled, WAS WRONG. It’s frustrating, I DIDNT MAKE THE MISTAKE? I was helped by this agent, this case-worker and 3 weeks into the process, I was told, “Sorry this is taking too much of my time, I have to give you the number of your case worker”. It’s like guiding a blind person 3/4 of the way across the street, and then saying, “Shoot, this is time consuming gotta go!” and letting the blind person cross the rest of the way ALONE! WTF?

  4. jmoses Says:

    I would just like to say in the span of one year I have had many workers. Infact, I have had these three workers in peticular and they are very nice and helpful. If I cannot reach them though phone (yes their phones are sometimes full). I just go into see them. I have always been treated kindly by these three workers. I think if you approach the workers with an attitude of anger and blame I don’t think any human would want to help you. You should not swear its very disrespectful and go in for anger management classes. We should all remember that this is a FREE WELFARE ASSIATANCE and not some god given right to this help! I appreciate the help Medquest has given to myself and my family. Mahalo Medquest!

  5. healthinsurance4u Says:

    In response to jmoses: I would like you to point out the good ones that you are mentioning? Which 3 case workers??? Mention names, we want to praise good things as well as mention the bad. This blog is definitely not one sided and I appreciate all views. If you would like to post an actual article praising these 3 caseworkers, i would be happy to make you an author or you can send it to me and i will publish it for you as an article.

    Now to your point, I have never, ever approached a worker with an attitude of anger or blame and this blog was created AFTER THE FACT. Im not being disrespectful in any way, and im just telling it like it as, and as it happened. I would also like to point out to you, that this is NOT A FREE SERVICE, we the taxpayers are paying for these services and for the salaries of these case workers. On a final note, I did not swear as i want to keep this forum P-13 or better. If you are referring to my use of WTF, my version of that acronym doesn’t include a vulgarity, since i do have a nine year old.

    Thanks for you comment and I would really like to hear about your 3 awesome Hawaii Med-quest case workers.

  6. rockwichu Says:

    What government office does not have their pitfalls.I have had the same issue of 3-5 worker changes in the past several months too.Getting thru to the office is outrageous as the main (2) lines given on the application is always busy.I ended up going down to the office and OMG it was a Tuesday and it seemed as if everyone on Oahu was there, it was a standing room only.Anyways,got a chance to meet my worker and didnt have any problems.In researching the MedQuest site,they have statistics and Oahu has 111,450 people insured just on Oahu.Given that I would say, 60workers that means each worker has to deal with apprx.1857 clients per month.That is outrageous.I think these workers should be praised because this must be a difficult job and require alot of patience.As mllacuna says, take it up with the administrator,these workers need more help to maintain the customer service you seem to think you require.Medquest health insurance is not a given program or a right,you have to qualify just like everyone else.I spent 1 hr with my worker when i first started going over all the possiblities.Its alot of paperwork but it helps me & my family.

  7. healthinsurance4u Says:

    In response to rockwichu:

    I saw that stat on the medquest site about the enrollment growing every month and that’s pretty crazy in these tough times. I am pretty sure that they have more than 60 case workers though. I would like to know where you got that number.

    I am going to make this perfectly clear, I appreciate having the coverage for my son, however the mistake that was made was NOT MINE, I DID NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE.. This had something to with paperwork, and I had to go back and forth from Straub to HMSA to Medquest and it seems nothing was working in unison. I had to tell Straub to rebill about 6 times as instructed by several different case workers. It got to the point where the people at Straub were looking at me like i was an idiot. Yet the issue was never resolved. Im not sure if it was EVER resolved. AND TO BE TOLD, SORRY THIS IS TAKING UP TOO MUCH OF MY TIME, I CANT HELP YOU AND HAVE TO REFER YOU TO SOMEONE ELSE… THAT IS WRONG PERIOD. If i do get another bill from Straub I will probably just PAY it, which tells you how frustrated i am with this whole thing. So frustrated that i went and created this blog, this entire website, so others can find better deals, steals, and other options that may aid them on getting coverage.

    I am all set to praise someone for doing something good, and going above the call, just get me thier names or write an article of your own and ill be happy to publish it.

  8. jmoses Says:

    My workers that good are:Ms. Choi, Ms. Lakuna, & Ms. Poliken. Please read more carefully next time. For your information, using acronyms to swear is still swearing. I hope that when your child learns these acronyms to swear at you…you will be ok with that after all it is NOT vulgarity.

  9. rockwichu Says:

    I agree what was said to you was wrong then you should have addressed the issue with the Supervisor or some higher up person.I estimated the worker numbers but I dont think its not any much higher.How many can there be in that Dillingham office,just the lobby alone was small.I know there are alot of welfare offices on the island,but if you only need medical you have to go to (1) place Dillingham.One place, One place.Have you been to that office,you have to stand in line like forever too.I had to be patient and hold back frustration because it doesnt do any good for anyone.My opinion,they need a better system over there & definetly more workers,because if you are being told taking up too much time,than that usually means they are overwhelmed.I am assuming mllacuna was trying to do you a favor by assisting but your problem probably warranted a Supervisor’s review.If you have medical coverage why would pay for it, I suggest you call the administrator for assistance about the payment.As far as better deals,steals other options,the medquest office is your last stop.I am sure all the workers are doing as best they can with what they have,PATIENCE, PATIENCE,thank ms.lingle for that,she froze positions.If that dont help,go to the source, administration.With so much issues about health care & layoffs people would lose their medical,u know they running to government for help.They need more help there,cause the economy dont look too good which probably means more people will be going to the government for help,they should open more jobs for those workers during these tough times.

  10. healthinsurance4u Says:

    In response to jmoses:

    Thanks for naming them… And this is my blog, and i read everything carefully. I just wanted to make sure since 2 out of 3 of the people I named weren’t my actual official case workers. And since I know that there is some sort of alphabetical assignment to the cases, i thought it would be improbable that you had all the same three that I had mentioned. It seemed more likely that you were an employee acting as a Medquest recipient. Now that I cleared that up, YOU READ MORE CAREFULLY!!! I distinctly said that MY VERSION OF WTF DOESNT include any vulgarity, because i have a 9 year old. This is getting off topic and I wont approve anymore references to my use of an acronym which has nothing to do with the issue for which the post was created, which in summary was THE SHOTTY SERVICE I RECEIVED from these case workers

  11. healthinsurance4u Says:

    In response to rockwichu:

    Thanks again for your comments, i totally agree with you about the growing enrollment and worsening economy and the need for more help at that office. And yes, more patience seems to be the answer, i guess… But how many times would you expect to tell your whole situation before patience goes out the door and frustration kicks in ???? Or better yet, how many months?

  12. jmoses Says:

    In my several years of receiving benefits I have had these workers and several others. Yes…it can be fustrating, but I learned to work with my workers. I am a recipient and NOT a worker there (please do not assume). I would never want to be a worker because from what I can see the workers are overwhelmed with work and clients. I do agree with rockwichu you have to have patience…PATIENCE.

  13. rockwichu Says:

    I agree about the patience issue.When is enough after you have done your part in calling everyone with still unresolved issues.I say take it up with Ms.Koller because all I hear from her advertisements are get FREE,get FREE,come to Medquest.It may be free,but it dont mean its going to be easy breezy.Patience has a price too and hearing from your situation,thats your price,shotty customer service to get your medical.Those workers can only do so much,and should not be blamed for the decisions the dpt.makes.Its like any other state office.No more enough people to accomodate the community who is told come on down,get your medical its free.Sometimes you cant get free & great customer service.Its unfortuanate of your story,but I am sure there are many other clients who have had better service.Bottom line,not enough workers to give the community the free service that is widely advertised,maybe they should put something in the byline in small lettering, “At your own risk and patience”.All in all,take it to Koller and voice your opinion,nothing wrong with that but if more of the community speaks up,maybe they can get more help for those workers so they can give better service.In fact I dont remember it being this bad before.There were problems,but at least I knew exactly who to call and no run around stuff, nor did I have to wait so long for a return call or response.

  14. healthranker.com Says:

    Hawaii Med Quest Case Workers…

    This is an article about the troubles of dealing with the Government Offices of the Medquest division in Hawaii. The article has over 15 comments with differing opinions about the Hawaii Med-Quest case workers….

  15. rockwichu Says:

    With so many employers cutting jobs more frequently,dont you think Medquest office will be enundated with clients applying for Medical? The new QEXA program published in the Honolulu Advertiser on 12/10/08 looks grim.Providers refusing to sign up with the (2)plans.This is going to be a mess & many people will be calling the Medquest office for assistance when this model starts in Feb.2009.My worker mentioned that they are understaffed & backlogged with work & you have to wait 3-6 months if you applied recently and with changes to happen when the QEXA program starts it may be more difficult to reach a worker at the QUEST office.With the job hiring freeze,they aint gonna get help,maybe privatization.Hmmm….wasnt Lingle all for privatization? My worker says its already begun but was mums on continuing the topic.

  16. rockwichu Says:

    Its that time of year when I have to do my annual review.The line at the office was long as ususal,the girl in the front didnt know what I was talking about only gave me a slip of paper to fill out & see my worker.Maybe it was because she had so many people waiting in the line & wanted to pass me over to a more better qualified person.Admin…short note, you need more people in the front office who knows what the heck they doing.Anyways,my worker came out right away,spoke w.her got my medical up & running.I mentioned the lack of knowledge the girl in the front had,she said she would look into it but also mentioned they would be getting more help by means of the Governor granting private contractor to come in and take all the clerks jobs solely because they no come work or are incappable of doing such simple work. Good Luck to Medquest,hope the burden of QEXA not going to slump you folks down any further than you already are.Thank You, Mrs.Worker for all your continued dedication to me & my family.

  17. rockwichu Says:

    Hello,its been awhile since posting occured.I would just like to share a tidbit.I was at the office to see my worker to submit some papers to update my case and I was sitting at his desk discussing my case.The desks are quite small so I had to use my lap with a book to write stuff on.Well,another worker on the opposite side was cussing (F****),it sounded like it was a phone call but it was pretty loud.My worker was quite embarrassed but apologized to me for that.I have been to that office and kind of hear bad talking as I am walking with my worker but its none of my business, I guess they are extremely overworked with loss of patience.Just thought I would share.

  18. iluvmykids Says:

    RE: healthinsurance4u
    I am a single parent with 4 children and Med-quest has been a blessing to my children for almost 15 years. I have had a number of workers there and some are nicer than others. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Lacuna was a worker of mine for a short time while she was assigned to my case. I must have spoken to her atleast 3 times during the time she was my worker and she was always very helpful. Amongst all of the workers that I have had (and I have had a lot), Mrs. Lacuna by far is the most experienced and the most reliable. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the Med-quest workers but they are not as bad as you make them out to be. You may have been just an isolated case and I feel badly for you but based on what I have read, you may need to re-evaluate your attitude towards the Med-quest workers. You do not come across as a nice person and maybe that’s why you are treated the way you have been. I hope things get better for you… take care and god bless.

  19. rockwichu Says:

    Has anyone recently spoke to their medquest worker? with all this layoff issues,my medquest worker has a new voicemessage.if i not calling for a specific reason,he not going to call me back.oh,i also got another new worker,which doesnt seem odd.i miss my old worker and had great communication with him.i did speak to my old worker not too long ago which was the time this whole layoff issue started.he was not happy and informed me that it may be his last time to speak with him, i didnt think anything of it.the news starting to get ugly about this whole state workers,i hope medquest isnt too much affected,cause i need them very much for medical purposes.

  20. rockwichu Says:

    OMG,dont go to medquest the day after furlough.The rest of the state is there in their small lobby.My worker was horrible cause he was pressuring out.Why should I be talked down to when he no do his work for 3months I been waiting patiently.I go to the office cause the darn phone message so long & says no leave message call someplace else.i call the someplace else & they tell me to call my worker cause they dont want to tell me.I no get return phonecall so I go to the office,my mistake on the day after the furlough on the 1st week.I was hurt & embarrased leaving that place & this isnt how I am normaly treated.I definetly reported him & the supervisor called me to apologize & was going to talk to him,but like right thats going to happen.Seems odd to continue having someone there who doesnt want to be there.I hope hes on the the layoff list.Sorry,but I was very hurt leaving there.

  21. rockwichu Says:

    I will update you since my last post to your site.I think your site is great as there is so much to read in many diff.areas,maybe should try to consolidate it or something.Looks like the Quest office downsized alot & my last worker from my last post is not there any longer,but was told he moved to another office in the welfare.I keep having to talk to so many diff workers, I cant keep track of them all cause they all sound like passing the buck.They did make some changes in the lobby,seems okay,but they cut their public hours & one lady I sat next too (she was making disgusted sounds & talked w.her),said she was there the day before & waited 1.5hours only to be told come back tomorrow w/a medical emergency form & now she was waiting to be seen,said they couldnt find her application & to do another one,which she hesitated in doing again.Anyways,saw my worker,after waiting 45mints.all i was told is that the office is overwhelmed due to the layoffs of employees.hope that helps your readers.sounds like lingle’s plan of consolidating is working & her true nature of privatizing becoming a reality in govt.hope obama’s plan doesnt reck havoic.if govt having difficutly now,wait till that goes thru.i am sure more peiople will be flocking to quest

  22. rockwichu Says:

    Well hello there.Its been a little less than a year.I forgot about this post & stumbled upon it & read the comments again.I had to find a place to put my grandmother & got a referral from a neighbor to call the Kapolei medquest office.Bite me someone actually picked up the phone & gave me great advice.I was able to place grammy in a foster home,met with a worker at kapolei,actually the atmosphere there was so calming than the honolulu office.I said that to my worker & she said the two offices are totally different.I would recommend peoples to go to the kapolei office,but they only do nursinghomes,foster homes & fosterchildren cases there.While I was waiting to see my worker.The workers & the security guard was so polite to everyone that came into the office.At least this office knows what they doing & how to treat people.Havent tried your forum,maybe I will mosey on over there & read what you got.